Illustrated artwork for three of Venem's releases

Print • Digital • Illustration • Motion

Venem decided to drop the stage name
and run with his own, Jakarri.

This created an opportunity for us to play on the Venom comic book character and the iconic scene within Spiderman. 

The cover was illustrated in a very similar way to the comic books to be instantly recognisable and finished with an actual comic book feel, using textures, stickers and logo/name placements.

An animation was created to provide a motion cover for the release.

With this previous artwork Jakarri
required a typographic illustration

Each letter was placed in one by one. Take a step back and have a look. To the viewer, the collection of letters mean nothing but to Jakarri himself and those close to him they have meaning.

Dark Origin sees Jakarri as a fallen angel in Richmond, VA.

“The quality of the cover was better than I could imagine! I was given multiple options on colors and two different options for the back. They came out fantastic. I will definitely be getting all my cover work done with THREE29 along with many other services Liv offers”

Jakarri (Venem)