EP and album artwork, promotional material and merchandise for Teez's releases.

Art Direction • Print • Digital • Motion

R.E.N.O Album

I’ve worked with Teez since 2009, so once he signed to a new label and was ready to work on his new album he ditched the label’s designers and got me on board for the R.E.N.O album artwork.

Teez is a Tongan rap artist birthed by the Biggest Little City of Reno and nurtured in the shadows of the Sierra Mountains with a voice incomparable to other artists. If you’re into your hip hop, get your headphones on and listen on Spotify.

Teez R.E.N.O physical Album Artwork, outer ecopack

The album artwork was originally slightly different but I after looking with fresh eyes I tweaked it to focus on R.E.N.O more. For this release I put together digital packshots and physical eco pack layouts.

Teez R.E.N.O physical Album Artwork, inner ecopack

R.E.N.O merchandise was also created and heavily distributed.

The single for this release was a track called Murda which had single artwork created in a similar style but we dropped the blue in favour of a Jamaican-inspired palette, to suit the song.

To promote the album release, static and motion promotional assets were created for use on social media and the end of music videos. Click the videos below for sound.

Pre-Order 9:16 15-second story asset using Lit Bae
Out now 1:1 20-second feed asset using Mona Leesuh


With this latest three-track EP I created the artwork to represent each song with the imagery shown within the individual numerals relating to each track.

For the EP’s social promo, organic 30-second feed and 15-second story motion graphics were created to be used on the release day. Click for sound.

30-second 1:1 feed promo
15-second 9:16 story promo

I also updated his signature KONG design with a new 2021 drip version available in red and blue plus the ability to be changed to any colour by the printer.

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