Branding for a creative-driven video production outfit, specialising in telling brand stories

Steve contacted me when he was ready to take his video production business up a notch and extend his services under a new name.

Steve was well prepared for this project, answering all my questions and providing me with a variety of supporting content including a colour scheme to help me create the new look.

We both favoured this bold option using geometric shapes to create the C + M. It’s not overly suggestive of a single service, it’s bold enough to hold stories within the shapes – in the form of video and photography. It works great in black and when colour is added we open up a whole new visual.

The primary portrait logo

The secondary logo, perfect for landscape uses

The logo mark holding imagery

Local creative houses need to watch out because Steve has honed his craft behind the camera and in the editing room. He’s very resourceful and can just as easily be in front of the camera. Clique Mojo is no place for firms wanting boring, bog-standard videos.

It was of no surprise to me that throughout the branding project that Livia took on for me she was overtly professional, highly attentive, consistently communicative and ambitiously creative. The whole process was an absolute breeze, with every step being clearly laid out for me throughout, and I am beyond thrilled with the results. I cannot recommend Livia and Three29 Design enough. Her ability to take your sprawling ideas and crystallise them into exactly what you need are worth their weight in gold, and I would not hesitate to use her services for any and every design project that I have going forward.

Steve Milligan, Clique Mojo Founder

So, what’s the process?

The initial steps involve speaking about the brand and your ideas, a brief is also provided along with a questionnaire being filled out. Research then takes place, looking at competitors and the industry as a whole, where you’ve been and where you want to be, preferred styles and so on.

Then it’s time for rough thumbnail sketches to get initial ideas on paper, seeing how everything could fit together… or not. These are then developed further either on paper with more detailed sketches or digitally.

Many ideas get worked up digitally as shown below but not all will make the cut. This is very much behind the scenes. Typically four of the strongest in relation to the brief will be presented to you for review. Development then takes place, refining the idea and making any adjustments you would like to see before the logo is wrapped up.

Getting ideas onto paper quickly with thumbnail sketches
Further digital exploration, which is then narrowed down

The logo is generally created in one colour because we always need it to work like that but looking at different colour schemes is also an important part of this process. Colour can have a huge impact on how your brand is perceived so it needs to be researched.

An example of the chosen ideas which were sent for review

You’d be provided with various versions of the logo including portrait and landscape versions and also the logomark and logotype provided on their own – where possible. Each of these versions is available in full colour, negative, black and white in the following file types: ai, eps, svg, pdf, jpg and png.

The logo is created as a vector and you are provided with vector files. Vectors can be opened in any size, unlike raster files which should never be made bigger than they are provided as the quality drops significantly. This futureproofs your logo.

Once the logo is wrapped up the brand collateral creation can be started! Don’t forget, your logo is just one part of the visual brand, and branding overall is much more than just the visuals.

Lots of files!

Here are a few other logos