Super Rally, England, 2015

The Super Rally is a yearly event put on by FH-DCE (Federation of Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe). The last time it was held in the UK was in 1989, so as it was announced that it was going to be happening in Lincoln in 2015 I knew I had to get over there for a long weekend.

The event was hosted by the West London-Harley Riders and they put on a great show and were so lucky to have a nice few days (bar Sunday morning!). This was my first bike rally so I truly went in at the deep end.

On the way to Lincoln the roads were at a complete standstill near Newark but luckily as we were on bikes we filtered through and met some others en route. Sadly my camera died about 20mins before this section. You would not believe the traffic and it wasn’t caused by the huge amount of bikes closing in on Lincoln, it was due to a car and lorry collision earlier in the day.

Once we finally got got the show ground I was finally hit with how big this whole thing is. I never really got an official count, some say 8K, others 10K all the way up to 12-14K. As we entered the show ground we were looking for the HDRCGB area which was hard to find so we pretty much rode around the whole thing which made for good footage but it was so big I actually had to speed this area of the video up 800%.

We came across those from California, Florida, Germany, Tokyo, Singapore, Scandinavia, France, Netherlands… you get the point.

Inside the show ground it was mainly old and new friends chatting with a few beers, there was a shopping area with both UK and European traders, the wall of death (if you’ve not seen this… go see it, seriously they’re nuts), a food court with a wide variety, from crepes (yes! yum!) to noodles to fish and chips. There were also poker runs and ride outs to take people out into Lincoln and it’s surrounding areas.

The boards I created for HDRCGB also featured within the shopping area as they had a stand for new sign ups, so it’s always good to see they’re getting more views!

To wrap things up, it was a pretty awesome short break 🙂

Check out the video!


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