Simple Invoicing and Accounting

Since starting my business I have tried several free and premium invoicing and accounting programs. I’ve found them either useless or they have way too much going on for a small business and well… it can get a bit daunting! Luckily, I came across a couple of years ago! The most shocking thing is that this brilliantly simple app is free (unless you want some of the more advanced services like Payroll).



Creating invoices which have various reminders active (before due, due date, past due) to give your client a nudge are a breeze to create. You can then sit back and wait for your payments to roll in and then mark them as paid which is a very quick task if you opt to do it manually, leaving your client with a receipt. If you prefer you can take credit/debit card payments you can simply by linking up with Stripe (you can switch this payment method on/off on the invoices). When payments are made via Stripe, Wave will automatically record your payments, fees and send receipts so you don’t actually have to lift a finger.

Entering all your income and expenses is easy. If you want you can also set up a link with Paypal and your bank accounts so it can pull information from those. The invoices themselves look good and are easy to understand. You will have a ‘Powered by Wave’ credit line at the bottom of them but when something is as good as Wave, you really don’t mind spreading the word to the other businesses you’re working with! I have been able to link my accountants Wave profile into my business accounts so they can download everything they require. Simples!

So, is it time to ditch your system and move to Wave?

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