Screen Printing the Angry Cat

Recently I got to have the Angry Cat’s Ice Cream Disaster piece (from the random combination series) screen printed in a single colour. I went to see Rik over at Merch UK so I could check out the process. It’s always good to see how the different ways of printing work, I find it helps the design process. I even got to have a go, and found out you need muscle for screen printing!

I then decided I wanted some swing tags and an A6 print of the original design to go with the tee’s. So I created those and went over to Astrum Design + Print and Anthony printed them out on some lovely thick manilla board.

A few meters of string later and they’re complete and ready for purchase. They’re very limited numbers so if you want a tee get your order in asap.

The mens have the print on a white tee and the ladies have it on a pastel blue tee with a nice feminine cut.

Here’s the process in pictures.


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