SCC Business Awards 2011

The South Cheshire Chamber Business Awards were held at Crewe Hall, a truly amazing venue. I had never been to a black tie before, so to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. The night started with me feeling quite socially awkward as the room filled up with faces I didn’t know, and dressed up looking glitzy.

After finishing the 3 course meal the awards started. I was slightly nervous… After seeing who I was up against I honestly thought I had no chance, after seeing a name on that list I thought they had it in the bag. As I started to hear Jo from Bentley speak about the winner, that oddly enough sounded like me, I was in a bit of shock… did, not, expect, that. After that everything is a blur lol. I went up on stage, collected my award and did a speech from the top of my head in front of 200+ business owners, had a few pictures and sat back down, still in shock. The nerves had gone but I was still shaking like crazy! After the awards were over, it was all go, pictures, interviews, networking, buying mum glasses of wine, the lot!

Well done to all those who won this year, including CTC Physiotherapy who I shared a table with, such a great bunch of people (we had the lucky table!). And to all those who were nominated, as Dr. Gav said to me before, you have already won by being in the book that so many business owners read through. There’s always next year :)

It’s a great feeling to have this type of recognition for my business. I did things the odd way round and started my business by working with clients overseas, mostly in America. However, I’m now trying to work locally, to make local businesses and individuals look awesome, in person and in pixel. This award will definitely kick start that!

I have a lot of people to thank, for giving me support and believing in me to get the job done. Firstly to all the clients who chose to work with me and trusted me with their hard earned cash – especially those who have worked with me from the start, throughout the price rises! Thank you to my parents and friends for backing me up and supporting me throughout. Redshift radio and the hub for getting me into the local offline networking that I hadn’t been involved with before. And finally to Jo and all the Judges from Bentley Motors, I’ll see you in five years to collect my Bentley GT ;)



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