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Refreshing a logo

Firearms UK is a grassroots organisation that campaigns for the rights of those who take part in shooting sports in the UK. It’s built up of volunteers who all have different shooting interests and views.

Whilst the shooting sports have been somewhat driven “underground” due to negative views and assumptions over the years it seems that, with the help of social media, those who take part are starting to become more visible and vocal. The average ages of clubs are dropping and a lot more ladies are taking part.

There are many shooting disciplines out there – you can find out more on their website – plus it is an Olympic sport (our Home Nations are rather good at it). Shooting provides the UK Economy with £2bn per year.

Refreshing the logo…

Their original logo was created by a team member in a raster format (made of pixels so it loses quality past a certain size) which limited its use. 329 reworked the logo as a vector (shapes built from mathematical formulas) resulting in a cleaner design which could be used at any size and for any application.

The main features were to be kept but the font was changed and the text positioning needed to be looked at so it didn’t run over the rather iconic Lee Enfield rifle. Alternate versions were also created, including a simplified version for manufacturing pins and patches plus a single colour and landscape version.

This also provided the organisation with a clearer colour palette and typefaces which aided consistency.

Firearms UK Raster v Vector

Original left. Refreshed right.


Firearms-UK Logo Detail

The detail on the vector


Put to use…

With the logo revised and ready for all applications, Firearms UK have created PVC banners for country shows, embroiled shirts and merchandise like hard enamel lapel pins and stickers along with various digital content pieces.


360 degree Facebook graphic (you’ll have to click on it to view properly)


Instagram multi posts featuring the branding

If you need your logo refreshing (or creating!) in a vector format to future proof if, get in touch. We can also aid with other visual aspects of your brand.

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