RedShift Ronnie

Redshift Radio is a local internet radio station to South Cheshire, with various shows for all types of listeners. They hope to get their FM license in 2013 to serve the local area.

Redshift recently picked out a new Mascot(s). They then decided to have a digital character for the station and that’s where I came in to design him. The look is taken from one of the mascots, named Ronnie.

Ronnie on the left.

We originally followed Ronnies over bite look however we thought it didn’t look too great with the poses, so we opted for a more cartoony mouth style, to go with the cartoon body. I did want to make Ronnies face quite recognisable, so it is a little more detailed than the body.

Ronnie has several different outfits for the different show categories. And today we are unveiling the Youth, Sport and Business Ronnies.