Content creation for WePlay's big name clients

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Confidential Project. Work produced for WePlay agency.

I’ve worked with award-winning digital sports agency WePlay from the beginning. I created their original branding and I was brought in for their clients content creation. I’ve even worked on the design toolkit for their recent re-brand (created by Motel). A new era!

Through the years accounts I’ve worked on include Yokohama x Chelsea FC, RedBull x Neymar Jr’s Five, Chelsea FC, ESPN, FIFA, UFC, 888Sport, Aspire Swim, Bath Rugby, BETDAQ, Cage Warriors, England Hockey, Envisage MMA, European Tour, Melbourne FC, Ironman, LaLiga, Six Day, UK Sport.

I’ve created a vast amount of content, keeping to each brands strict guidelines whilst pushing where possible to expand the creative so it’s more appealing to the target audience. All while working in a fast-paced environment with extremely short deadlines. I have always been freelance, remotely working with London based account managers.

Here’s a small selection of work completed for WePlay


WePlay worked closely with ESPN to promote college sports on the ESPN player. I came on board to help with the Football and Basketball accounts. My role was to work on motion graphics social creative.

I created each asset for use within both the social feed and stories. This included the video game inspired head to head for the National Championship, teasing the possibilities before locking in to the final teams.

These were created as 4:5 feed assets and 9:16 story assets.
This was created as 1:1 feed and also 9:16 story assets.
Head 2 Head teaser. Tigers v Tigers, what are the chances?
Video game inspired selection of the final two teams.

Livia is an amazing designer and artist who produced some fabulous work for WePlay. Her ability to grasp the vision and concept with minimal briefing and inspiration was incredible. Her work contributed significantly to the string of great campaign results and happy clients we were able to achieve at WePlay during our time working together.

Michael Harvey, Strategist at WePlay

Yokohama Tyres x Chelsea FC partnership.

When Yokohama became Chelsea FC’s official shirt sponsor, WePlay were tasked with building a brand around the partnership. My role was in creating the social-first content to be distributed through owned and paid channels. I was involved from the beginning in 2015 up until March 2021. Anything created after this time I did not work on.

This work had short turnarounds with tight brand guidelines to follow (i.e. three-player minimum, lockups to be used as provided, shirt logo to be visible). I pushed where possible in order to be more in line with the audience rather than corporate. Each new kit meant we reworked the creative – please note the latest shown is where Three took over but Yokohama remained a club sponsor so we continued our work.

WePlay grew Yokohama’s football brand to a reach of over 400m with a follower base of over 670k fans. Their strategy and creative content gained an engagement rate that is 140% above the industry standard. WePlay’s work also helped Yokohama surpass competitor brands in the tyre industry to become the 3rd most followed company in their category!

One of many 4:5 feed quizzes
Fact sheets were created as single images for Twitter and Facebook and also Instagram carousels.
A blend of football, tyres and motorsport. A red and black brand merged with a blue-focused brand whose fans hate red – not the easiest combination but we made it work.

We switched up the look for The Tour Of Japan

If you’re looking for a speedy delivery of a project, but with considerate and outstanding results – then I couldn’t recommend Livia more highly. I worked alongside Livia in a fast paced agency environment that focused on a wide range of sports clientele for the best part of 5 years.

Given the circumstance of churning out a lot of deliverables within short periods of time, Livia’s quality of work was of the highest standard at all times.

More often than not briefs into Livia were vague and offered very little to go off. Yet time after time, Livia’s interpretation of what was needed met the standard of our agency and the client we were representing. Not only do you get such good output when working with Livia, you also acquire yourself a priceless individual that brings an easy way of working and friendly presence amongst your team – which at times can be invaluable.

It was nothing but a pleasure working alongside her and if you’re looking for a reliable digital creative designer, then Livia is the person to go to!

Jack Woolfenden, Campaign Manager at WePlay (now Activation Manager of LadBible)

RedBull x Neymar Jr’s Five

In 2015 WePlay were appointed to build the Neymar Jr’s Five brand and community and grow participation in the global event. WePlay provided a full stack of services. My role was focused on content creation for the social channels with some print-based work.

The Neymar Jr’s Five brand gained over 1.01m followers on social media. 165,000 people take part in the tournament each year throughout 62 territories, making it the biggest 5-a-side football tournament in the world.

Infographics like this went down well on the socials!

I have worked with Livia of three29design on many occasions and will continue to use her services for any graphic design needs. If I am using keywords to sell this to anyone interested, then Livia is; ‘punctual’ with communication and deadlines, ‘creative’ with her work, ‘personal’ with her involvement in each project, ‘dedicated’ to the project and ‘passionate’ about both her work and her clients. It’s a done deal.

Luca Massaro, CEO of WePlay


When WePlay were appointed to work on growing BETDAQ I worked on the creatives. We tried out a lot. At this time infographics were all the rage so I put several together to promote specific events or to educate users on betting. How great was the hype around Mayweather VS Pacquiao?!

Cage Warriors

Weplay were appointed to grow the Cage Warriors online brand to help sell tickets to their MMA events across the country. The services provided were extensive. My role was within the art direction and social creative. We had a logo, colour scheme and imagery to work from then the reigns were left in our hands.

Through the combination of all the provided services, Cage Warriors gained over 2 million social views and 8.2 million impressions along with trending at #1 several times.

Envisage MMA

Team Envisage MMA had created the start of a new look and clothing to go with it. As WePlay set out to grow their networks I worked from what little we were provided (logo, colours, photos). I worked on all the creatives which included carousel posts, montages, quotes, fight night promos and even a website built on WordPress.