Timeless logo for Uptown Notown, a recording studio, boutique and barbershop in Sparks, Nevada.

Uptown Nowtown logo design, primary

You’ll find Uptown Notown close to the littlest big city in the world, Reno.

I’ve worked with one of the founders of Uptown Notown in another capacity since 2009 so when they approached me for this logo design I had some background to work from. If I’m throwing out keywords, we’re talking street, hip hop, community, old school, Reno NV, passion, drive.

The beautiful, striking, timeless shapes of Blackletter are not used anywhere near enough in the world, so I’m glad it was the perfect fit for this project giving off the right vibe for a business that has not only the sound but entire hip hop culture firmly within its studio walls, whilst also being neutral enough to be used throughout the different areas of this brand.

The primary logo design shown in full colour and black/white, positive and negative.

Full colour, positive

Full colour, negative

Plain white

The secondary logo design, perfect for landscape uses

Uptown Nowtown logo design, secondary

With a logo sting they can open social videos professionally

Exactly what I was wanting! It’s on point. I love it and can definitely see it on our storefront and on merch. I appreciate your time and efforts and I will definitely get back to you for my other projects.

LV, Uptown Notown

Here are a few other logos