A case study plus various vector logo designs

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A brand that encompasses a studio, boutique and a barbershop in Nevada, USA.

I’ve worked with one of the people involved in Uptown Notown since 2009 so I have a little bit of background to work from. If I’m throwing out keywords, we’re talking street, hip hop, community, old school, Reno, passion, drive.

Blackletter seemed the perfect fit for this project giving off the correct vibe whilst also being neutral enough to be used throughout the different areas.

With this project I’ll run through the core deliverables. First, we have the primary logo in black.

Full colour, positive

Full colour, negative

Plain white

A secondary logo is also provided

Logo sting

Your brand is more than just a logo. You need to make sure the logo is used correctly by everyone. So from this core visual of a logo design, we can work together on brand guidelines which include logo usage guides, a colour palette and typography. These brand guidelines can expand much further and display creative asset examples, outline tone of voice, icons and much more.

Then we can work on brand collateral such as business cards, company stationery, social media profile designs, logo stings, then onto the print and digital marketing materials. If you’re looking to really nail your all-round branding and want to speak with copywriters, marketing strategists, web developers and so on, I have plenty of connections.

Let’s take a look at some other logos

A logo refresh for quirky Stone, Staffordshire based diner. I took their original idea up a level and future-proofed it.

See more of this project here.

A donut (and waffle) shop, Down Under.

Bold logo for then-new sports marketing agency, now a rapidly growing three-time award winner and global name in the game who I’ve worked with since 2012.

Band logo with the request that it has to include a bear’s claw, or two.

Logo for an in-person and virtual trainer utilising negative space.

UK indie record label. Being partial to the Doberman breed worked well for this logo.

Harley-Davidson Enthusiasts Club 30 inspired by the retro tanks of the 70s and the famous American iron they all ride.

A rebrand for the fantastic Chester based swim school who wanted a children’s drawing style logo and to stay close to their existing colour palette.

Shooting sports equipment reviewer and videographer from the area of the 617 Squadron (in Lincolnshire).

The man who will pull no punches and tell you where you’re failing with your business and how to fix it. A collaborative project from the company name to the branding, brand collateral and even a website. Corporate but not.

Outsource Automation Solutions.. but that’s too long for our brains to take in at a glance and in various applications so we simplified the visuals for this SaaS company.

Don’t worry they also had full name versions too.

The band with a Texan frontwoman and British musical bandits. The logo is relatively neutral to consistently sit alongside the varying looks of each release.

We had to go a little bit futuristic with the logo for Frontier who work with heating and plumbing.