Visual identity for new cyber security company setting out to change the hiring process

You won’t find any cyber blue or green here! Amy got in touch for her new cyber security branding for her candidate assessment business, which helps companies hire with certainty. Yep, they literally capture the talent.

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We went through a lot of stages with the logo mark – see more on this below. Amy liked this one as it has the C + T plus it symbolises a person which is what they revolve around and it sort of looks like they’re using a laptop.

With all these variations which suit different applications, they also have the choice of using the slightly roughened version or the treated stamp version. CTT are future proofed with a bundle of versions in various colours and filetypes.

Colour Palette, Textures & Typography

Capture The Talent uses a monogram colour scheme with a yellow accent. During the development as we leaned towards a stamp like logo I added in a nice gritty paper texture and this is used heavily around all it’s social posts, marketing materials and website (which by the way has light and dark mode!).

Amy knew she was keen on a slab font from the start but she also wanted the ability to have annotations. Originally Amy was leaning towards a script but I really liked this rougher handwritten look to contrast with the thick slab and work alongside the stamp and paper textures.

In Use

Amy’s always keen to learn and pick up new things, with the brand guidelines she’s been unstoppable but I’ve also been able to help with various other CTT branded collateral, from event tickets with a little golden ooh la la added to them, helped rework their website layout and graphics, reports, pitches and so on. Too much to put in here but here’s a few examples.

Event tickets printed with gold foil
Report Template
Home Page
Services Page
Snippets of a 34 page pitch deck with specifics removed
Capture The Talent now has it’s new visual brand and guidelines in hand for them to continue reshaping the very often same-y cyber security market. They’ll certainly stand out from the rest! From here they’ll be able to evolve with consistency as their business grows.

Livia was recommended to me when we were searching for a graphic designer to help us design our brand for a new business, and well… I can see why she gets recommendations left right and centre. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the process having not working with a graphic designer before but Livia was absolutely fantastic. She took the time to get to know us as a business and really delved into our industry to come up with creative and innovative concepts for our logo.

Amy Stokes-Waters, Co-Founder of Capture The Talent

How did we get here?

For this project I explored the world of Cyber Security a came up with a varied selection inspired by code, data, flags, monograms and stamps. 4.5 concepts were sent over to Amy and it was an almost instant decision on their preferred logo for their new company – they knew what they were looking for.

Other ideas based around Cyber Security

Alongside those I initially showed also went into other possible ideas along the same line as there were second thoughts on the original monogram concept. Each client can vary as to how involved they’d like to be and some do not want to be overwhelmed with options. From the start it was clear that Amy was not only keen to get creative but also thoroughly enjoyed it. So at this point I got Amy more involved in the process and let her see similar ones I had come up with and from there we had our chosen one!

Further exploration

Got a start-up that needs branding? Email me. Or find out more about my process in the Clique Mojo and Four Priests Brewery projects.

Here are a few other logos