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Various Logos

Vectorised logo designs

Various Logos

Vector Logo Designs



329 were asked to create donut shop branding which will offer both sit-down and take away options. Didgeridonuts aims to bring the taste of Australia to the masses in the Philippines.

The ideas stage brought up various travel-based designs mixed with the donut, however, the calling went back to creating a design based on the traditional and mesmerising dot art found on didgeridoos, which the client loved! The logo is very versatile as it has landscape, portrait, logotype and logomark versions ready to use.


Wrestling Bears

The band were in the midst of recording their first EP whilst the logo was created and they had a clear idea of what they wanted to see, the bears claw being using within the text. Here’s the end result, which also has a landscape and a monogram version available.


Beat Locker

We have worked with Beat Locker Productions in the past, so Aaron asked us to create a new logo design for his production company. Aaron had a few items he wanted to include within the logo: lockers, headphones and keyboard.

We provided Beat Locker with a Stacked/Portrait version which acts as the main logo and also a landscape version so it works in all applications. It’s also provided in full colour and single colour.


Sleep Train My Baby

The client had a firm idea of the hand-drawn child-like style and colour scheme she wanted for this logo, so we set to work creating ideas. The young boys face within the moon was a clear winner and here’s how it stands today.



The final logo chosen by a company which provides real-world information technology, network and security design consultancy services. We tried various routes with shields and padlocks as requested and this clean, flat design was chosen.



A reviewer, interviewer, blogger and videographer for the shooting industry – hence the bullet. The name itself is derived from the No. 617 Squadron RAF, more commonly known as the Dambusters. This one has had a motion graphics logo sting created for it, please view it at the bottom.


You Need a Whoopin’

Created for a website which is host to a lot of stupid behaviour, the client wanted something bold and playful set out in his chosen colour scheme. Et voila.


Vixen Your Management

This tour management company came to use for a bold logo. The lightning bolts were a request so we worked around those to create this logo. The logo was provided in full colour, black and white, along with having combination mark, logotype and logomark only versions.


Underdog Music

As Underdog started up, they contact us for a logo. It needed to be simple so negative space is what we went for. A clean and rough version was provided, along with colour, black and white.


Digital Sport

The client wanted something modern and clean to represent sport. Sport can be represented in so many ways with circles being the consistent shape so we chose to work with this and a feeling of movement.

As the logo would be used on a wide range of sporting coverage we created a way to tailor the logo to the specific sport at hand by changing the icon so ten other icons which represented various sports were created to do this.





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