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Oatcakes & Milkshakes

Menu, promotional and social designs for Staffordshire café

Oatcakes & Milkshakes

Menu design for local Café


Oatcakes & Milkshakes is a quirky cafe in Stone, Staffordshire and we’ve worked with them for several years. Initially, we were brought on board to rework their menus using the existing logo and colour palette. We settled on a double-sided A3 menu in a style which was far from the usual boring menu look. These were printed onto a wipeable and tearproof stock to help them withstand the abuse they get on the tables.

As well as the menus, O&M have asked us to create various illustrations of their products, leaflets, posters, large wall hung menus, table talkers. We don’t stop at print though as we’ve also provided digital graphics for use on their social media profiles – both static and motion.

In mid-2019 Oatcakes & Milkshakes loved the work we had produced so much that they ask us to refresh their existing logo which will appear on all items going forward!

A small sample of the work produced is shown here.


Digital, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Print


Oatcakes & Milkshakes


Print Design, Digital Design, Motion Graphics

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