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Various Illustrations


Take a look at the various personal and client illustrations created! From portraits to engines and handguns – what can we say? We like to keep it varied. Read on if you want to know more about them…

First up on the left we have 90/00s Yonkers rap legend, DMX (he has many more songs other than X gon give it to ya, #justsaying) and new school Hopsin is on the right. Below we have two versions of Limp Bizkit’s own crazy creative costume wearing Wes Borland, this make-up is one of the most famous and appeared in the music video for “Break Stuff”.

Next up we have a couple of clients. Broo on the left wanted to have his facial features merged with those of his brother so this is basically a whole new sibling, they are music producers. On the right, we have Teez who is a rap artist from Reno, NV. Below those is ESQ. is another rap artist who hails from Cleveland.

The next row hold’s Evanescence’s Amy Lee next to the legendary Ice Cube – don’t call him Doughboy! Switching things up slightly we have a lovely V-Twin engine, a personal favourite. Fun fact: say potato over and over and you’ll sound like one. Next to that is Travis Barker who to be honest, probably does ride a Harley.

On the 7th row, you’ll see “Walther Propaganda” which is made of a rather iconic pistol. For anyone with an eagle eye… sorry it’s not a P38 it is actually based on the later, aluminium framed P1 – but hey… same thing – sort of. Next to that, it’s a literal hand cannon the Smith & Wesson 500. The colours here were inspired by the old Chinese Propaganda posters.

Finally, there’s the Ride the Mojave illustration which has had two colour, gradient screen prints created (contact if you want one).

Have an idea you’d like illustrated? Contact us!



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