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Full Metal Jacket

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Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket Screen Prints

Whilst it’s several years old now, this personal project of a minimal movie poster for Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, received a great response online. It was exhibited digitally in La Cinémathèque in Paris during a Stanley Kubrick exhibition. This spurred me on to look into getting my first screen prints created.

For an independent it’s not easy, it’s a fairly costly and labour intensive process and you’re never quite sure if they’ll sell overnight or be stuck in a cupboard waiting for sparse sales for the next five years. I decided to find a way around it with a Kickstarter project which would crowdfund my project, acting as pre-orders.

To my surprise, 40 backers got involved and my project became overfunded. I had 50 A3 two colour copies printed by screen printing company I Dress Myself and signed/numbered them all before sending them on their way around the globe (making everyone at the post office hate me).

Crowdfunding is certainly worth looking into, just be well aware of the platform and payment system fees.


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