Jessica Clemmons on tour with Boyzone

I had previously seen Jessica Clemmons live when she toured with the Overtones in 2012. This time things were even bigger, Jessica was touring with Boyzone on their BZ20 tour!

I can’t say I’ve ever really been a Boyzone fan, or any boy bands for that matter, but I jumped at the invitation to see the show at the Manchester Phones 4u Arena. This time Jessica had a full live band with her on stage and a hell of a lot more people to warm up! A few days earlier the tour hit Wembley and the o2 arena in London, so I’m sure the Manchester crowd wasn’t a problem 😉

Although I had created the artwork for Jessica’s ‘What If’ EP release this was the first time I heard most of the new tracks. The style of the songs compared to Jessica’s previous releases were different, there was a definite country vibe mixed into the pop style – which is great and only right seeing as she recorded the EP in Nashville!

The crowd seemed to like Jessica’s music. It was awesome to hear them screaming/shouting after the tracks and it was even better to see the length of the line at the merch stand where Jessica was selling and signing her new EPs. In fact they sold out on the night I went – which was the last night of the tour. The stages had huge screens either side which showed pictures of Jessica… and a fair few bits of artwork I had made, how cool!

IMG_2330 IMG_2331

After that came Boyzone and the crowd reallly seemed to like Keith and Ronan. The other two didn’t get as many screams. The show was entertaining, there was a fair bit of talking though – some of it about Stephen Gately which was a nice tribute. I guess I prefer more music less talking. I may be totally biased but I much preferred Jessica’s part of the show!

Massive congrats to Jessica and her Team for having toured with Boyzone, I’m sure it was a pretty epic experience! Also a huge thank you to Jessica and Lara of Sonnet Music for having me work on the EP’s artwork 🙂

You should definitely check out where you can watch music videos, listen to her music and so on. Also why not follow Jessica on twitter. If you’re in the UK I’m sure she will be back very soon, Jessica is a big fan of the UK and can’t keep away for long!