HeatWave 2012


In November we started on the artwork for the HeatWave festival which took place across Australia. The line up for the HeatWave festival included: Kid Cudi, Tech N9ne, D12, Obie Trice, Chamillionaire and Crazy Town. The majority of the work I did required versions for; South Australia, Melborune, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Canberra but I will only show one of each. 

The organizers of the Heatwave Festival found me through the personal piece I did of Tech N9ne; so the festival had that sort of abstract illustrated face feel about it. Along with there choice of bold summer colors which showed up brilliantly on the black backgrounds.

SA, Melbourne and Brisbane had party buses wrapped to promote the festival. Each one being slightly different. Due to the speed the work needed to be done and the 12 hour time change, I sent over files which the printers could edit in order to fit everything on the buses correctly so they didn’t all have the 100% original design on them. To have three buses with my design on them, driving around Australia was pretty awesome though!

Melbourne was plastered with the two color large format posters. I worked closely with the printer for this job so it was done correct. Turned out perfect! Melbourne also had various Billboards go up along with an overpass.

All the cities were plastered with the A3 heatwave posters with the relevant information for their venue/acts and so on. We also took care of the website, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Footage from the Festival (Playlist with various videos)

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