Go seamless with your Instagram content

I absolutely love the multi-post option Instagram has available and whilst you could pile in 10 different images into your post if you aim to educate and/or promote, a seamless post works really well visually and you can see increased engagement compared to single posts if you are actively managing your account (i.e. not dead and forgotten about like mine because I’m too busy elsewhere) – so I am told by those who control networks.

Graphics created for other networks can be adjusted to display as multi-post Instagram content and it’s well worth doing. Here’s an example of a traditional portrait event flyers and their IG multi-post counterparts. Click the images into be taking to the actual IG posts.

Jess and the bandits multi-post instagram contentJess and the bandits multi-post instagram contentHere’s another example which manages to display a large amount of information within Instagram content in order to educate users. It’s quite a long one so click on the image to view the actual post on Instagram.

Lyme Disease UK multi-post instagram content

What could you promote or explain with a seamless Instagram multi-post? If you’d like to speak about your social media content or if you’d like to see more examples of this post style, get in touch!

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