Get set for life with your web hosting!

“Who should I go with for my web hosting?”


That’s the question I often get asked by my clients. I am guilty of previously using a cheap provider when the business initially began. This plan offered unlimited specs which enticed me and I actually managed to get several years of good service but almost overnight everything slowed down. When I looked into it further, the company in question had sat my sites on the same server as over 1000 other domains. This creates a bottle neck effect when it comes to loading anything on your site. Not good….

Looking around for other web hosts was like being in a minefield but luckily I struck gold when I found my current hosting company… Krystal.

Krystal are a relatively small but mighty company. They’re UK based, the prices are reasonable, the speed is fast and the customer service is fantastic. The team is a small one so you soon end up having spoken to them all but don’t let this put you off. Oh… and they’re located in an ex-MOD bunker, yep they’re awesome!

I work with a few charities so it’s also worth noting that they offer the starter hosting plan for free or the basic hosting plan with 50% off. You just need to chat to them to set that up. Not bad eh?

If you’re currently hosted with a company that uses cPanel then if you ask nicely, Krystal will migrate everything for you, making everything a breeze for you!

The offer shared hosting, business hosting and cloud based VPS hosting whilst also offering Domain Names and SSL Certificates.

Go on, get your hosting sorted, in your name. I don’t resell hosting for a reason, I have had too many clients come to me tied in with the previous firm they worked with due to resold hosting, leaving access extremely hard to get. Take control! 

P.S. the links on here are affiliate links, because… why not?!

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