Full Metal Jacket Screen Print

7.62 Full Metal Jacket Screen Print

I’ve taken my sweet time but I have just started a Kickstarter project to get some screen prints started up. I’m starting with the rather popular Full Metal Jacket which made it’s rounds on the web in 2011… whether or not it’s still popular enough for people to part with their hard earned cash or not, we shall find out!

If you’re a fan of one of the best movies ever made then be sure to back the project. Every little helps and £19+ can get you a full metal jacket screen print. These will be limited to 100 (if the project is maxed out) or even fewer.

Use the widget below to pledge and get yourself a Full Metal Jacket Screen print or head over here to the Kickstarter page.

All profits will go into making more screen prints, and it can hopefully be continuous loop. Next one up will probably Walther Propaganda.