Full Metal Jacket Screen Prints

After receiving another email from someone asking where they could buy prints of the Full Metal Jacket minimal movie poster I made back in 2011 I decided to finally look into having the Full Metal Jacket screen print come to life.

The design had previously been picked up by the Picmix store (which is currently no longer available) soon after I had released it online. It spread across tumblr and twitter like wildfire.

The problem is, screen prints are rather expensive to have made as you have the screen set up costs. Due to this cost you umm and arr about how many prints you really need to have made. If you get too many you’ll end up extremely out of pocket and with a bunch of prints to house – collecting dust. Nobody wants that!

So I had the idea to try crowd-funding. I had backed a few projects before on Kickstarter so I knew about the site and how it worked. I quickly set up my project and it was approved a couple of days later. I had chosen to do two colour, A3 screen prints on natural white stock.

Full Metal Jacket Screen print


Once I launched my project I had all these emails sent to me from people offering me tips on how to be successful on Kickstarter. Naturally I read the information and was grateful as I hadn’t researched crowd-funding that much before… I just went for it! After reading a few of the blogs I was sent I was left feeling a bit… meh. I had read all about the chances of being fully funded and lets just say the odds are very much in the favor of not being funded!

However my project soon picked up and people actually wanted my print and would pay good money for it. That’s such an amazing feeling. People are actually wanting my work on their walls. Wow!

My project ran for 30 days and became and finished on the 15th January, fully funded – 168% funded in fact, with 40 people backing my project, 38 of those wanting a print and 3 of them wanting two prints! I had originally asked for £595 to have 25 prints made. It ended up raising £1000 and I got 50 prints created.

In my project I originally said I would make no more than 100 prints however I decided to leave it at 50. These 50 prints are signed and numbered. No more will be made in this size and colour scheme. Maybe I’ll do more in the future with some differences, but I will most likely want to move onto a new print.

Full Metal Jacket Screen printAfter my project became fully funded I started ordering everything I needed to get these prints out to my amazing bunch of backers, safely. I waited just over two weeks to be paid by Kickstarter (minus the Kickstarter and payment processing fees, along with VAT). The screen printing began on the 29th January and was with me by 5th February. Packing the prints was a bit of a bigger task than I thought – signing and numbering them took a fair while as well, I was glad I chose to do 50! I posted all the prints (minus one backers as I am waiting for their survey response) on the 11th February. People started receiving their prints the day after and they seem to be loving them which is so overwhelming and humbling.

These Full Metal Jacket minimal screen prints have been sent to the UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, France, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. How amazing is that?!

I have to say… I have never before spent so much time and money in the post office before, haha!


Here are my fantastic backers:

Sarah W. (UK), Jamie B. (UK), Uwe G. (Germany), Chris A. (UK), Karl M. (UK), James P. (UK), Dario D. (Switzerland), Ben W. (Australia), Edward F. (UK), Korie K. (TX, USA), Darren B. (UK), Garf R. (UK), Jess F. (UK), Mark S. (UK), Lux A. (UK), Matthew H. (UK), Michael D. (UK), Tony B. (Australia), Kyle A. (NC, USA), Jeffery A (CO, USA), Jeremy B. (New Zealand), Sarah L. (UK), Adam R. (NY, USA), Jay A. (PA, USA), Paul L. (France), Emily C. (UK), Angela C. (UK), Charles B. (MA, USA), Philip M. (VA, USA), Lisa M. (UK), Hristos S. (UK), Nica H. (Germany), Russel P. (UK), Erskine S. (UK), Andew D. (UK), Kayne S. (Ireland), Ryohei Y. (Japan), Robert K. (Germany), Andreas S. (Germany), Thomas S. (UK).

I really appreciate every one of you 🙂 Do send me pictures of the prints on your wall, with or without you in them, that’d be great!


Want a print?

Best hurry up! I have a few left of the 50 prints I had made. Go right here to purchase one.

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