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Various Logos

Various Logos

Vector Logos


Crazy Cupcake

The client requested something fun and bold to be created to work with the name. You can view more on the process here.



The final logo chosen by a company which provides real-world information technology, network and security design consultancy services. We tried various routes with shields and padlocks as requested and this clean, flat design was chosen.


Sleep Train My Baby

The client had a firm idea of the hand drawn child-like style and colour scheme she wanted for this logo, so we set to work creating ideas. The young boys face within the moon was a clear winner and here’s how it stands today.


Digital Sport

The client wanted something modern and clean to represent sport. Sport can be represented in so many ways with circles being the consistent shape so we chose to work with this and a feeling of movement.

As the logo would be used on a wide range of sporting coverage we created a way to tailor the logo to the specific sport at hand by changing the icon so ten other icons which represented various sports were created to do this.


You Need a Whoopin’

Created for a website which is host to a lot of stupid behaviour, the client wanted something bold and playful set out in his chosen colour scheme. Et voila.


Branding, Illustration